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STAR TAP℠ International Advisory Committee High Performance International Internet Services (HPIIS) Meeting

HPIIS Performance Review
San Diego Supercomputer Center, San Diego, CA USA
October 25, 2000


Agenda and Attendee List
HPIIS_Review_Agenda.pdf (10KB)

Background Documentation
Euro-Link Annual Report and Program Plan 2000
Euro-LinkAnnualReport2000_DistributionCopy.pdf (1440KB)

MIRnet Annual Report and Program Plan 2000
MIRnetAnnualReport2000_DistributionCopy.pdf (2064KB)

MIRnet Annual Report and Program Plan 1999
MIRnetAnnualReport1999_DistributionCopy.pdf (43KB)

TransPAC Annual Report and Program Plan 2000
TransPACAnnualReport2000_DistributionCopy.pdf (251KB)

TransPAC Annual Report and Program Plan 1999
TransPACAnnualReport1999_DistributionCopy.pdf (339KB)

Global NOC Services
GlobalNOC_HPIIS_Services.pdf (268KB)
GlobalNOC_HPIIS_WebPageFeatures.pdf (1219KB)

Media (press releases)
STAR TAP Press Releases

Papers (journal articles, conference papers, etc.)

Computational Science & Engineering Applications HPIIS Applications
HPIIS_Applications_20Oct00.pdf (9180KB)

PowerPoint Presentations HPIIS Introduction and TransPAC, Michael McRobbie, Indiana University
TransPAC_McRobbie.ppt (2015KB)

MIRnet, Greg Cole, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
MIRnet_Cole.ppt (8388KB)

Euro-Link, Tom DeFanti, University of Illinois at Chicago
Euro-Link_DeFanti.ppt (3285KB)

HPIIS-STAR TAP Coordinated NOC, Jim Williams, Indiana University
NOC_Williams.ppt (781KB)

Evolving Global Grids, Ian Foster, Argonne National Lab and Univ. of Chicago
EvolvingGrids_Foster.ppt (698KB)

UCAID / Internet2, Doug Van Houweling, UCAID / Internet2
Internet2_VanHouweling.ppt (157KB)

Telemicroscopy presentation and demo, Mark Ellisman, SDSC / UCSD

MIRnet presentation, Natasha Bulashova, Alexei Platonov

High Energy Physics presentation and demo, Harvey Newman, Caltech
DataGrids_Newman.ppt (10431KB)

Global-Scale Tele-Immersion Network Performance Activities, Jason Leigh, UIC
TeleImmersion_Leigh.ppt (5392KB)

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