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STAR TAP℠ International Advisory Committee Meeting

INET 2001, Stockholm, Sweden
Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Cameo pics
Handouts and Documentation

Meeting Agenda
Welcome and Introductions, Tom DeFanti
STARTAP_2001Mtg_DeFanti_Welcome.ppt (250KB)

STAR TAP Annual Update, Tom DeFanti
STARTAP_2001Mtg_DeFanti_STARTAPAnnualReport.ppt (3198KB)

STAR TAP Present and Future Applications, Maxine Brown
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Brown_Applications.ppt (1266KB)

Future Directions of the NSF ANIR, Tom Greene
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Greene.ppt (209KB)

STAR TAP’s StarLight, Tom DeFanti
STARTAP_2001Mtg_DeFanti_StarLight.ppt (3229KB)

SURFnet’s Connections to StarLight, Erik-Jan Bos
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Bos.ppt (968KB)

The Optical Network Evolution, Yves Poppe
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Poppe.ppt (3801KB)

OMNInet, Joe Mambretti
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Mambretti.ppt (180KB)

I-WIRE and DTF, Charlie Catlett
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Catlett.ppt (178KB)

StarLight Implementation, Andy Schmidt and Linda Winkler
STARTAP_2001Mtg_WinklerSchmidt.ppt (716KB)

eScience and Wavelength Disk Drives using CA*net4, Bill St. Arnaud
STARTAP_2001Mtg_StArnaud.ppt (2403KB)

Linking Broadband Wireless with Fiber Networks, Larry Smarr
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Smarr.ppt (1899KB)

European Data Grids, Fabrizio Gagliardi
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Gagliardi.ppt (2413KB)

Distributed Tera-mining, Bob Grossman
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Grossman.ppt (915KB)

International Grid Communities, Carl Kesselman
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Kesselman.ppt (794KB)

Application-Level Network Performance / Measurement Tools, Jason Leigh
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Leigh.ppt (8748KB)

Global NOC, Jim Williams
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Williams_GNOC.ppt (189KB)

MIRnet Utilization Monitoring and Reporting Software, Greg Cole
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Cole_MADAS.ppt (553KB)

SC Global, Ian Foster (presented by Maxine Brown)
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Foster.ppt (1179KB)

Optical Wavelengths, Gert Nieveld
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Nieveld.ppt (14MB)

Euro-Link, Tom DeFanti
STARTAP_2001Mtg_DeFanti_EuroLink.ppt (2615MB)

TransPAC, Jim Williams
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Williams_TransPAC.ppt (758KB)

MIRnet, Greg Cole
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Cole_MIRnet.ppt (4986KB)

AMPATH, Heidi Alvarez
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Alvarez.ppt (402KB)

Abilene ITN, Heather Boyles
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Boyles.ppt (114KB)

CA*net ITN, David Macneil
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Macneil.ppt (1331KB)

International Lambda Workshop Announcement, Karel Vietsch
STARTAP_2001Mtg_Vietsch.ppt (94KB)

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