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First Real-Time Multi-Channel Audio Internet Demo for the 107th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention

Streaming real-time audio over wide-area networks has become a popular way to transmit audio content; however, network quality has tended to limit the range of formats and quality of the audio. Using advanced networks, it is possible to overcome some of these limitations, and implement applications that involve the transmission of higher bandwidth multi-channel audio content in real time.

The September 1999 AES demonstrations took place in a theater space at New York University (NYU), where dancers from that university performed to music provided remotely by a McGill jazz band playing live at McGill University in Montreal. The music was acquired as a multi-channel audio signal, and streamed to NYU across a high-performance network managed by CANARIE and Internet2.

Compressed and uncompressed multi-channel audio transmission of different sampling rates and word size were featured. The underlying software for the demonstration was developed at McGill University by a team involving several members of the Technical Committee on Network Audio Systems.


Zack Settel
McGill University


New York University

McGill University

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