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SC ’97

Multiway Tele-Immersion

Using NICE, a collaborative learning environment for young children developed at UIC, UIC researchers worked with 17 members of the CAVE User’s Society (CAVERNUS) to demonstrate collaborative VR worldwide. Collaborators included UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory, Old Dominion University, Indiana University, SARA (The Netherlands), Cray Research, Boston University, Towa University (Japan), and various groups who brought their ImmersaDesk displays to SuperComputing ’98 (Army Research Laboratory, UIC Laboratory for Advanced Computing, Argonne National Laboratory, NCSA, UIUC Department of Computer Science, and Indiana University).

Note: This application, demonstrated in 1997, relied on the Internet, rather than STAR TAP; however, it is mentioned here to promote a collaborative application that is STAR TAP “ready” when broadband, high speed connections with foreign countries are in place.

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