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Project DataSpace and the Terra Mining Testbed

The web today provides an infrastructure for working with distributed multimedia documents, but not for remotely exploring data. Project DataSpace is an attempt to provide such an infrastructure. It contains protocols for mining distributed data and is effective for distributed workstation clusters connected with high performance networks (super-clusters) and commodity networks (meta-clusters). The Terabyte Challenge, the testbed for Project DataSpace, will link 12 sites on five continents and demonstrate a variety of applications which will publish, access, analyze, correlate and manipulate remote and distributed data.

The Terra Mining Testbed is an infrastructure built on top of DataSpace for remote analysis, distributed data mining and real-time interaction with large, complex data sets. In a demonstration at SC’02, the DataSpace team accessed, correlated and then visualized data from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and World Health Organization (WHO)a CERN linked institution to study the correlation between El Nino and cholera outbreaks. Terra Mining applications are designed to exploit the capabilities of emerging domestic and international optical networks so that gigabyte and terabyte datasets can be remotely explored in real time. The demonstration also showcased PC-based clusters called TeraNodes, now being deployed throughout the world, which will be dedicated to massive computation, data mining or visualization over national and international high performance networks. In coming years, as optical technology transforms networking capabilities, TeraNodes will become the building blocks for an optically connected web of data.


Robert Grossman
University of Illinois at Chicago


Project DataSpace: University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Caltech, NCAR, University of California / Davis, Magnify Research Inc., USA; Imperial College, England; ACYys / Canberra, Australia

Terra Mining Testbed: University of Illinois at Chicago, USA; SARA, The Netherlands; Dalhousie University, Canada; Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, England; Virginia Tech and ACCESS DC, Internet2, University of California / Davis, University of Pennsylvania, USA

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