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ReMaP - Regularity and Massive Parallelism

At its creation, the aim of the project was to bring new contributions and software tools for massively parallel computing applications. Data-parallel compilation is still an important part of the project but we are now investigating the application and impact of heterogeneous networks - libraries, virtual shared memory and communication protocols.

ReMaP researchers aim at designing methods and tools for parallelism at every level: from high-speed network protocols to parallel-compilation techniques, and from multi-threaded run-time environments to computing and communication libraries for parallel applications. Within each of these topics, we develop both theoretical work and software prototypes.

The LHPC is a common research laboratory operating on massively parallel computers and high-performance computing. The main function of the LHPC is to serve as a center of expertise in the field of massively parallel computing by bringing together partners of academic and industrial projects with worldwide ambitions.


Yves Robert
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon


Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (LIP)

Innovative Computing Laboratory University of Tennessee

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