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Trans-Pacific Telemicroscopy

Telemicroscopy software allows researchers to interactively operate a microscope located at a remote site for the purposes of investigation a specimen, capturing digital images to disk and deriving accurate 3D computer models of the specimen for analysis. Our Telemicroscopy applications provide remote access to a specialized electron microscope at UCSD, and the world’s most powerful electron microscope at Osaka University.

Using international research networks and advanced video streaming software, researchers in San Diego can readily investigate their specimens using the Osaka microscope, and vice-versa. These Telemicroscopy applications increase the utilization of unique resources and allow more research projects to be conducted faster and cheaper than ever before.

Trans-Pacific Telemicroscopy experiments have played a considerable role in analyzing and tuning network performance on an international scale. Project members are working closely with network engineers to develop and test next generation Internet technologies such as multicast, QoS and IPv6.


Mark Ellisman
NCMIR San Diego Supercomputer Center (UCSD)

Youki Kadobayashi
Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy, Computation Center, Osaka University


University of California San Diego

Osaka University

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