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Transatlantic Broadband Videostream Using Motion JPEG-over-IP

University of California at Berkeley, University of Tennessee and SURFnet have implemented the first live transatlantic broadband audio and video streams using Motion JPEG-over-IP. The implementation of this technology demonstrates how full-screen, near-TV quality video can be delivered over the Internet using simple, inexpensive hardware and freely available, open source software. The technology provides significantly better video quality than those relying on the H.323 standard the current standard governing interactive audio, video and data communications in a networked environment.

High-quality real-time video, video-on-demand and videoconferencing are critical for applications such as distance education, tele-medicine, and remote scientific collaboration. Based on the initial success of trials run in December 2001, the collaborators will continue to explore ways it can be used to strengthen and expand academic instruction and research.


Lawrence Rowe
BMRC / University of California at Berkeley

Chris Hodges
SunSITE / University of Tennessee

Bart Kerver


University of California at Berkeley, University of Tennessee, USA; SURFnet, The Netherlands

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