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World-Wide High Performance Network Mirroring of Public Genome Data

DNA and protein biosequence databanks are essential for advanced studies in genome research. Such sequence data has been collected by the United States, Japan and Europe since 1984. Software search engines such as FASTA / BLAST are used to find homology sequences, and SRS for content searching. These require huge local disks to store these databases. Mirror servers have been set up to provide frequent updates to the databases; however, they often fail due to the lack of existing network bandwidth. This project aims to develop a reliable mirror server with high-speed data transfer.

Due to increased human genome research, the data in DNA databases have been increasing tremendously. The existing servers, however, are mainly mirroring only US data to Japan. Establishing a bi-directional mirror server will help to distribute data collected in many countries and deliver them to researchers. This mirror server could not be established without a high-speed and reliable connection.


Don Gilbert
Indiana University, USA

Yoshihiro Ugawa
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council (AFFRC), Japan

Akira Mizushima
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council (AFFRC)


Indiana University

Japanese Ministry of Forestry and Fisheries

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