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The 6TAP project, co-sponsored by ESnet and CANARIE, provides native and tunneled IPv6 interconnections at STAR TAP, to provide early IPv6 production networks the ability to build and demonstrate IPv6-based applications. 6TAP will develop: IPv6 route server technology, network tools for network measurement, analysis and display, and experience in supporting, provisioning and operating IPv6 Internet exchange points.

The 6TAP routers, route servers and net measurement / management systems are co-located with the STAR TAP switching systems to allow native router IPv6 interconnections to STAR TAP attached networks. The 6TAP became operational in July 1999, and is supported on a 24x7 operational basis by ESnet network operations staff at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA.

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ESnet / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Viagenie / CANARIE
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