Euro-Link SM Meetings
High Performance International Internet Services (HPIIS)
HPIIS Performance Review
October 25, 2000
San Diego Supercomputer Center

Euro-Link http://www.euro-link.org
MIRnet http://www.mirnet.org
TransPAC http://www.transpac.org

Agenda and Attendee List
HPIIS_Review_Agenda.pdf (10KB)

Background Documentation
Euro-Link Annual Report and Program Plan 2000
Euro-LinkAnnualReport2000_DistributionCopy.pdf (1440KB)

MIRnet Annual Report and Program Plan 2000
MIRnetAnnualReport2000_DistributionCopy.pdf (2064KB)

MIRnet Annual Report and Program Plan 1999
MIRnetAnnualReport1999_DistributionCopy.pdf (43KB)

TransPAC Annual Report and Program Plan 2000
TransPACAnnualReport2000_DistributionCopy.pdf (251KB)

TransPAC Annual Report and Program Plan 1999
TransPACAnnualReport1999_DistributionCopy.pdf (339KB)

Global NOC Services
GlobalNOC_HPIIS_Services.pdf (268KB)
GlobalNOC_HPIIS_WebPageFeatures.pdf (1219KB)

Media (press releases)
STAR TAP Press Releases

Papers (journal articles, conference papers, etc.)

Computational Science & Engineering Applications HPIIS Applications
HPIIS_Applications_20Oct00.pdf (9180KB)

PowerPoint Presentations HPIIS Introduction and TransPAC, Michael McRobbie, Indiana University
TransPAC_McRobbie.ppt (2015KB)

MIRnet, Greg Cole, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
MIRnet_Cole.ppt (8388KB)

Euro-Link, Tom DeFanti, University of Illinois at Chicago
Euro-Link_DeFanti.ppt (3285KB)

HPIIS-STAR TAP Coordinated NOC, Jim Williams, Indiana University
NOC_Williams.ppt (781KB)

Evolving Global Grids, Ian Foster, Argonne National Lab and Univ. of Chicago
EvolvingGrids_Foster.ppt (698KB)

UCAID/Internet2, Doug Van Houweling, UCAID/Internet2
Internet2_VanHouweling.ppt (157KB)

Telemicroscopy presentation and demo, Mark Ellisman, SDSC/UCSD

MIRnet presentation, Natasha Bulashova, Alexei Platonov

High Energy Physics presentation and demo, Harvey Newman, Caltech
DataGrids_Newman.ppt (10431KB)

Global-Scale Tele-Immersion Network Performance Activities, Jason Leigh, UIC
TeleImmersion_Leigh.ppt (5392KB)

HPIIS Team Meeting
April 1999
Chicago, IL, USA

Dinner hosted by Ameritech Corp.
Meeting hosted by the International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR), Northwestern University

Larry Amiot, Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) and MREN
Javad Boroumand, NSF
Maxine Brown, UIC/STAR TAP/Euro-Link
Greg Cole, UT/MIRnet
Tom DeFanti, UIC/STAR TAP/Euro-Link
Bob Fink, DOE ESnet; Joe Gipson, UT/MIRnet
Steve Goldstein, NSF; John Jamison, MCI vBNS
Joe Mambretti, iCAIR/MREN
Doug Pearson, IU/TransPAC
Andy Schmidt, Ameritech/AADS
Bill St Arnaud, CANARIE
Alan Verlo, UIC/STAR TAP/Euro-Link
Linda Winkler, ANL/MREN/TransPAC

Handouts and Documentation
Meeting Agenda
HPIIS.Agenda.4.99.doc (5 KB)

Meeting Minutes (includes handouts), Maxine Brown
HPIIS.Meeting.4.6.99.Minutes.final.10.3.99a.doc (94.2 KB)

Report of Internet2 Video Conferencing Subcommittee, April 28, 1999, Larry Amiot
HPIIS.Amiot.I2.Video.doc (20.5 kB)

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