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Bioinformatics is the study of the information content and information flow in biological processes and systems. Understanding gene and protein sequence information helps find new medical drug leads. Using BIC’s APBioGrid (the Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Grid, a collection of networked computational resources) and KOOP testbed technology, biologists can quickly build a complex series of computations and database management activities on top of computational grids to solve real-world problems.

APBioGrid represents an integrated workflow that mimics tasks typical of a bioinformatician across various machines. APBioGrid does resource discovery over the network, remotely distributing tasks that perform data acquisition, data transfer, data processing, data upload to databases, data analysis, computational calculations and visualizations. It utilizes Cray SV1 supercomputers in Singapore, Japan and Australia. To demonstrate its ease of use, iGrid attendees can create their own workflows to retrieve, analyze and view bioinformatics data.

Acknowledgment: APAN; SingAREN.

Tan Tin Wee
Bio Informatics Centre (BIC), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

Tan Tin Wee, Guan Sin Ong, Mark De Silva, BIC, NUS, Singapore
Lim Teck Sin, Anwar Chan, Yu Chen, KOOPrime, Singapore
Dick Russell, Cray, Singapore