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The D0 Experiment, which relies on the Tevatron Collider at Fermilab, is a worldwide collaboration of scientists conducting research on the fundamental nature of matter. The research focuses on precise studies of interactions of protons and antiprotons at the highest available energies as part of an intense search for subatomic clues that reveal the character of the building blocks of the universe.

Currently, raw data from the D0 detector is processed at Fermilab’s computer farm, and results are written to tape. At iGrid, researchers show that by using the transoceanic NetherLight network, it is possible to process raw data on computers at NIKHEF and send the results back to Fermilab.

Acknowledgment: EU DataTAG; Amsterdam Virtual Laboratory.

Wim Heubers
NIKHEF, The Netherlands

Kors Bos, Wim Heubers, David Groep, Willem van Leeuwen, Antony Antony, NIKHEF, The Netherlands
Ruth Pordes, Vicky White, Dane Skow, Fermi National Accelerator Lab (Fermilab), USA
Raymond Brock, Reiner Hauser, Michigan State University, USA