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DataSpace is a high performance data web for the remote analysis, mining, and real-time interaction of scientific, engineering, business, and other complex data. DataSpace applications are designed to exploit the capabilities provided by emerging domestic and international high-performance networks so that gigabyte and terabyte datasets can be remotely explored in real time. This demonstration uses the Terra Wide Data Mining (TWDM) testbed, which consists of high-performance clusters worldwide linked by wide-area high-performance networks, providing the data and compute services required.

DataSpace is an open, standards-based infrastructure that combines data web services, data grid services and semantic web services for remote data analysis and distributed data mining.

Acknowledgment: USA National Science Foundation awards #ANI-9977868 and #ANI-0129609.

Robert Grossman
Laboratory for Advanced Computing (LAC), University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), USA

Robert Grossman, Marco Mazzucco, Don Hamelberg, Xinwei Hong, Shirley Connelly, Jorge Levera, Yunhong Gu, Asvin Ananthanarayan, Vandana Gummuluru, Pavan Kasturi, Rajeet Nair, LAC, UIC, USA
Jacob Slonim, Michael A. Shepherd, David Zitner, Nick Cercone, Syed Sibte, Raza Abidi, Dalhousie University Halifax, Canada
Yike Guo, Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine University of London, UK
Cees de Laat, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Paul Wielinga, SARA Computing and Networking Services, The Netherlands
Lennart Johnsson, Center for Parallel Computers, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden