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Logistical Networking is the global scheduling and optimization of data movement, storage and computation. At LoCI, scientists develop tools for fast data transfer, such as the Data Mover, using as much bandwidth as is available. At iGrid, a geographically distributed abstraction of file is replicated, transported to depots that are closer according to network proximity values calculated in real time using the Network Weather Service (NWS), and downloaded from the nearest site in a completely transparent way for a high-level application.

Acknowledgment: USA DoE De-FC02-01ER25465; USA NSF ANI-9980203, EIA-9975015 and EIA-9972889; UTenn Center for Information Technology Research; Internet2.

Alessandro Bassi
Logistical Computing and Internetworking (LoCI) Lab at the University of Tennessee (UTenn), USA

Micah Beck, Jim Plank, Terry Moore, Alex Bassi, Scott Atchley, Stephen Soltesz, LoCI Lab (UTenn), USA
Jack Dongarra, Innovative Computing Lab, UTenn, USA
Rich Wolski, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Fran Berman, Henri Cassanova, University of California San Diego, USA
Pascale Primet, Laurent Lefèvre, ENS, Lyon, France
Cosimo Anglano, Università del Piemonte Orientale Alessandria, Italy
Graham Fagg, High Performance Computing Center Rechenzentrum Universität Stuttgart, Germany