iGrid 2005 Brochure

Real-time Applications provide “windows” into the worldwide LambdaGrid. Scientists who generate terabytes and petabytes of data on remote computers or instruments demonstrate how they use the LambdaGrid to interactively visualize, analyze, and correlate data from multiple sites; results are projected onto large visualization and/or virtual-reality displays. Applications in art, bioinformatics, chemistry, cosmology, cultural heritage, education, manufacturing, medicine, geoscience, neuroscience and physics are among those shown. A variety of Grid middleware developments, with emphasis on data management grids, data replication grids, visualization grids, data / visualization grids, computational grids, access grids, and grid portals are also featured, using a variety of computer-based technologies, including distributed computing, visualization and virtual reality, tele-science, data mining, remote instrumentation control, collaboration, high-definition media streaming, and human / computer interfaces.

The iGrid 2005 Symposium consists of workshops, tutorials, and lectures presented at levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Topics include in depth discussions of iGrid 2005 real-time demonstration design, development, implementation and research innovations in LambdaGrid infrastructure in support of advanced science applications.

iGrid 2005 Workshop & GLIF Meeting Details, pdf (110 KB)