The iGrid 2005 Symposium will consist of workshops, tutorials, and lectures presented at levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Topics will include in depth discussions of iGrid 2005 real-time demonstration design, development, implementation and research innovations in LambdaGrid infrastructure in support of advanced science applications.

CyberInfrastructure at the NSF
Greetings from iGrid 2005 to APAC’05
How LambdaGrids are Transforming Science
Network Security and Optical Networks
Service-Oriented Architectures for R&E Networks
Service-Oriented Science

Advances Toward Terabit LANs and WANs
Bridging the Challenges: Medicine Meets the LambdaGrid
Data Plane and Content Security on Optical Networks
Earth Science Applications
Enabling Data-Intensive iGrid Applications
From ARPANET to LambdaGrid: 10-Year Eruptions in Networking
Global Data Repositories: Storage, Access, Mining and Analysis
High-Resolution Streaming Media
International e-Science Infrastructure
L1/L2 Services of National Networks in Support of the GLIF Community
North American Networking Requirements for the Large Hadron Collider
OptIPuter Application-Centered Tools and Techniques

Master Classes
Optical Control Plane
Service-Oriented Infrastructure

GLIF-Specific Presentations
GLIF Update
Building GLIF with Open Exchanges
GLIF Control Plane and Grid Integration Middleware Working Group
GLIF Technical Issues Working Group