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The StarLight Force10 E1200 operates as a Layer-2 and Layer-3 device. If Layer3 peering is requested, BGP will be configured between Autonomous System (AS) 10764 and the connector’s AS. AS10764 will be used to transit traffic between a number of national and international networks. As a transit AS, no packet filtering will be applied. Firewall policies are the responsibility of the peer networks and institutions.

Peer Categories
StarLight groups Layer3 peers by region. IPv4 and IPv6 BGP policy prohibits exchanging routes between peers within the same region.

Routes are exchanged between regions unless special requests are made to deny particular routes.

US National Research Networks
ESNet (AS293), DREN (AS668), Internet2 (AS11537), NISN (AS297), USGS (AS1842) peer with StarLight (AS10764).

CA (Canadian) Research Networks
CANARIE (AS6509) peers with AS10764.

AP (Asia Pacific) Research Networks
ASGCNet (AS 24167), KREOnet (AS17579), TAnet2 (AS9405) peer with AS10764.

EU (European) Research Networks
CERN (AS513), Renater (AS5511) peer with AS10764.

RU (Russian) Research Networks
GLORIAD (AS20388) peers with AS10764.

CN (China) Research Networks
CERNET (AS23911) peers with AS10764.

ME (Middle Eastern) Research Networks
Currently there are no peers in this group.

LA (Latin American) Research Networks
Currently there are no peers in this group.