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STAR TAP℠ Archived Press Releases

ATM Connectivity to STAR TAP Ends April 30, 2004
(December 8, 2003)

National Science Foundation Continues TransPAC Funding
(July 14, 2003)

SURFnet Selects Global Crossing for New High Performance Transatlantic Link
(12 May, 2003)

Caltech Computer Scientists Develop FAST Protocol to Speed up Internet,
(18 Mar, 2003)

Calient Networks Chosen as a Core Platform for OptIPuter,
(10 Feb, 2003)

Registration Opens for iGrid 2002: Showcasing Tomorrow’s Multi-Gigabit e-Science Applications
(27 June, 2002)

Level 3 to Provide Service to SURFnet
(31 May, 2002)

New Intercontinental Internet Performance Records Set in Internet2 Land Speed Record Competition
(7 May, 2002)

Industry Canada and CANARIE Inc. Partner to Build CA*net 4
(29 April, 2002)

Next-Generation Research Network Collaborative Partnership Supports Canadian Innovation
(29 April, 2002)

AMPATH Adds Top Research Connection Point in São Paulo, Brazil to its Americas High-Speed Network
(17 Mar, 2002)

SDSC Announces Formation and Inaugural Workshop of Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly for International Collaboration
(11 Mar, 2002)

The Grid: A New Infrastructure for 21st Century Science
(Feb, 2002)

Increased Capacity for TransPAC Makes Possible Greater International Scientific and Research Collaboration
(13 Feb, 2002)

Invitation to First AMPATH International Conference
(13 Feb, 2002)

Changing Science at Light Speed, by John Van, Chicago Tribune (Business Technology section)
(4 Feb, 2002)

SURFnet Brings Up Transatlantic Research Lambda
(6 Jan, 2002)

20th NORDUnet Networking Conference
(19 Dec, 2001)

NCSA And Kurchatov Institute Select Teleglobe To Provide FASTnet High Performance Network Linking U.S. And Russia
(17 Dec, 2001)

Canada Funds CA*net 4
(10 Dec, 2001)

High-Speed Networks Make Home in Illinois, by John Van, Chicago Tribune (Business Technology section)
(10 Dec, 2001)

Getting Wired - Illinois Takes the Lead in Developing a High-Capacity Fiber Optic Network, by Paul Merrion, Crain’s Chicago Business
(10 Dec, 2001)

Nortel Networks, SBC Communications and Northwestern University Trial Emerging Optical Networking Solutions
(5 Dec, 2001)

The Future Looks Bright for “StarLight”
(5 Dec, 2001)

International Research Gains From Optical Networking
(5 Dec, 2001)

Argentina Connects to Internet2
(Dec, 2001)

UIC Scientists Launch Terra Wide Data Mining Project
(28 Nov, 2001)

Dutch SURFnet and Internet2’s Abilene connect via Gigabit Ethernet
(15 Nov, 2001)

Understanding StarLight: an Interview with Joe Mambretti
(14 Nov 2001)

NSF Funds Quanta Research at EVL in Support of Optical Networking
(6 Nov 2001)

SC Global Brings the World to Denver
(31 Oct 2001)

Teleglobe Implements Agreement to Provide Belgium’s Most Important IP Network With Connection to World’s Major Research and Education Networks
(23 Oct 2001)

SDSC’s Fran Berman Talks About the TeraGrid
(21 Sept 2001)

RNP2 From Brazil Connects to Internet2
(29 Aug 2001)

NCSA’s Dan Reed Talks About the TeraGrid
(24 Aug 2001)

FIU to Host Major Internet Workshop on AMPATH Project, Sponsored by NSF
(15 Aug 2001)

New Supercomputer to Go Through Chicago, by John Van, Chicago Tribune (Business Technology section)
(10 Aug 2001)

Qwest Communications Partners with Elite Research Centers to Launch the World’s Most Powerful Network
(9 Aug 2001)

NSF pledges $53 Million for a Distributed Terascale Facility
(9 Aug 2001)

Electronic Visualization Laboratory’s AGAVE Research Funded 2001-2004!
(8 Aug 2001)

Fiber Optic Based Research & Education Network Now Spans the Pacific
(23 July, 2001)

Global Crossing, FIU Create High-Tech Link To Top Brazil Research Center
(28 June 2001)

Connectivity for the Pan-European Gigabit Research Network About to Get Awarded,
(19 June, 2001)

Qwest Communications Receives Extension On Existing Contract Worth Up To $25 Million To Provide High-Speed Internet Services For NASA’s Research And Education Network
(4 June 2001)

Juniper M5 Router Operational at STAR TAP
(30 May 2001)

AARNet / APAC-led bid successful in winning Advanced Network Program funding
(29 May 2001)

Korea Connects to STAR TAP; Welcomes New Research Partners
(2 May 2001)

Renowned Russian Scientist aligns Kurcharov Institute with NCSA, Alliance
(18 Apr 2001)

Americas Tele-collaborate via STAR TAP
(5 Apr 2001)

Teleglobe Preferred Supplier for Global Internet Connectivity GigaPort and Lambda-Connection StarLight
(5 Mar 2001)

GigaPort Selects Global Crossing as Preferred Supplier for Global Internet Connectivity
(5 Mar 2001)

IBM Donates Small Cluster to KTH in Stockholm
(10 Feb 2001)

Linking the U.S. and Russia
(8 Jan 2001)

Terremark’s NAP of the Americas to House FIU’s AMPATH, South Florida’s Internet2 GigaPoP
(20 Dec 2000)

SC Global: The First Truly Global Technical Conference Planned for SC 2001
(30 Nov 2000)

Global Crossing Adds Brazil to Global Fiber Optic Network
(20 Nov 2000)

UIC Remotely Deploys VR for Tele-Collaboration; Links Two Major Conferences Via STAR TAP℠
(15 Nov 2000)

Collaborative Learning Over Broadband Internet: “Dialog Through Music”
(2 Oct 2000)

Chile and China Now Talking to U.S. Universities, Scientific Centers Through STAR TAP
(25 Sept 2000)

IMPSAT Becomes First Latin American Carrier for STAR TAP International Exchange
(20 Sept 2000)

DSTP May Be the Next Generation of Web Data
(25 Aug 2000)

Researchers Demonstrate Grid-Enabled EM Code at INET 2000 in Japan
(31 Jul 2000)

Bringing the Internet to the World
(23 Jul 2000)

The Votes are In: Area Tech Scene is a Winner
(21 Jul 2000)

UCSD Team to Demonstrate Trans-Pacific Telemicroscopy at INET 2000
(18 Jul 2000)

CivicNet To Light Up Chicago With World’s Most Extensive Fiber Optic Infrastructure
(13 Jul 2000)

Digital Video Services for iGrid 2000
(12 Jul 2000)

NSF and MCI Agree to Three-Year No-Cost Extension of vBNS
(10 April 2000)

INET 2000 to Feature IGRID2000, Global Network Enabling Researchers to Collaborate, Share Data, Resources
(17 February 2000)

DFN Reveals Activities for Gigabit Research Network
(11 February 2000)

Netherlands Selects SGI for Teraflop Supercomputer Features & Commentary
(11 February 2000)

Steve Goldstein Describes History Of First ICM Grant - Speculates On New Directions
(25 January 2000)

Qwest Communications Awarded $50 Million Contract to Support Energy Department’s Communications Network
(4 January 2000)

Linking Classrooms, a World Apart
(30 December 1999)

CANARIE Sings Lovely Song
(7 December 1999)

European Networking Live at SC ’99 via Transatlantic Connection
(5 November 1999)

The STAR TAP Router is Up and Running at the Ameritech NAP!
(3 November 1999)

NSF Award Paves the Way for the Next Phase of STAR TAP℠
(25 October 1999)

Teleglobe establishes ATM-based service to connect Asian and European R&E networks
(18 October 1999)

International Advanced Internet Applications Highlighted at INET’99: Demonstrations of revolutionary applications over networks crossing Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
(22 June 1999)

EuroLink Consortium Connects to NSF Research Network through STAR TAP
(1 June 1999)

Israel IUCC TCP / IP Performance Analysis via Satellite to STAR TAP
(May 1999)

ATM WANs: Cornering the Market on Wide Area Data
(19 Apr 1999)

PSC & Stuttgart Demonstrate Latency-Free Metacomputing

The International Grid: Empowering Global Research Community Networking
(9 November 1998)

Taiwan Links to NSF Research Network through STAR TAP
(2 November 1998)

Indiana University Receives $10M Grant to Establish TransPAC
(16 October 1998)

Research Networks Branch Out
(5 October 1998)

High-SpeedResearch Network Reaches Out to Touch Asia and Russia
(21 September 1998)

NSF Awards Extend Global Connectivity Through High Performance Network Connections to the Asia Pacific Rim and Russia
(21 September 1998)

SC’98 iGrid Demonstrations
(20 September 1998)

Trans-Pacific Microscopy Enabled by Advanced Networks
(25 June 1998)

Globus Project Unveils Largest Ever Metacomputing Testbed at SC’97
(12 November 1997)

8,000 Mile Connection Enables Visual Supercomputing at SC’97
(12 November 1997)

Singapore, US Launch High-Speed Net Link for Researchers
(9 November 1997)

The Official Launch of The Singapore Research & Education Network (SREN) - Very High Performance Broadband Network Service (vBNS) Linkup
(7 November 1997)

NSF to Announce First Trans-Pacific vBNS Connection
(7 November 1997)

UCSD and National University of Singapore Agree to Share
(7 November 1997)

High-End Networking: An Interview with Tom DeFanti
(15 August 1997)

Pittsburgh and Stuttgart Inaugurate High-Speed Transatlantic Metacomputing
(23 June 1997)

NSFAwards STAR TAP Grant for Connecting U.S. and International Research Networks
(1 May 1997)

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