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STAR TAP℠ Engineering Papers

J. Leigh, O. Yu, D. Schonfeld, R. Ansari, E. He, A. Nayak, J. Ge, N. Krishnaprasad, K. Park, Y. Cho, L. Hu, R. Fang, A. Verlo, L. Winkler, T. DeFanti, Adaptive Networking for Tele-Immersion, Proceedings of the Immersive Projection Technology / Eurographics Virtual Environments Workshop (IPT / EGVE), May 16-18, 2000, Stuttgart, Germany, (accepted for publication). (.pdf)

Jason Leigh, Oliver Yu, Alan Verlo, Alain Roy, Linda Winkler, Thomas A. DeFanti, Differentiated Services Experiments Between the Electronic Visualization Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory, December 2000. (.pdf)

John Jamison, Juniper Network MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) - What’s in it for Research and Education Networks?, Presentation at the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory, Chicago, IL, November 17, 2000. (ppt slides)

Linda Winkler, STAR TAP QBone Activities, International Workshop on Asia Pacific Advanced Network and its Applications, Internet Workshop 2000 (IWS 2000), Tsukuba, Japan, February 17, 2000. (ppt slides)

Hank Nussbacher, D.C. Palter, Internet-2 Takes to the Air, Satellite Communications, November 1999, pp. 36-39.

Arun Welch, Israel IUCC TCP / IP Performance Analysis via Satellite to STAR TAP, Israel IUCC TCP / IP Performance Analysis via Satellite to StarTap, May, 1999.

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