Euro-Link SM Archived Press Releases

SURFnet Selects Global Crossing for New High Performance Transatlantic Link
(May 12, 2003)

Caltech Computer Scientists Develop FAST Protocol to Speed up Internet
(March 18, 2003)

Registration Opens for iGrid 2002: Showcasing Tomorrow's Multi-Gigabit e-Science Applications
(June 27, 2002)

Level 3 to Provide Service to SURFnet
(May 31, 2002)

New Intercontinental Internet Performance Records Set in Internet2 Land Speed Record Competition
(May 7, 2002)

The Grid: A New Infrastructure for 21st Century Science
(February, 2002)

SURFnet Brings Transatlantic Research in Lambda Optical Networks into Service
(January 6, 2002)

20th NORDUnet Networking Conference
(December 19, 2001)

NCSA And Kurchatov Institute Select Teleglobe To Provide FASTnet High Performance Network Linking U.S. And Russia
(December 17, 2001)

Nortel Networks, SBC Communications and Northwestern University Trial Emerging Optical Networking Solutions
(December 5, 2001)

UIC Scientists Launch Terra Wide Data Mining Project
(November 28, 2001)

Dutch SURFnet and Internet2's Abilene connect via Gigabit Ethernet
(November 15, 2001)

Understanding StarLight: an Interview with Joe Mambretti
(November 14, 2001)

NSF Funds Quanta Research at EVL in Support of Optical Networking
(November 6, 2001)

SC Global Brings the World to Denver
(October 31, 2001)

Teleglobe Implements Agreement to Provide Belgium's Most Important IP Network With Connection to World's Major Research and Education Networks
(October 23, 2001)

FIU to Host Major Internet Workshop on AMPATH Project, Sponsored by NSF
(August 15, 2001)

Juniper M5 Router Operational at STAR TAP
(May 2001)

Teleglobe Preferred Supplier for Global Internet Connectivity GigaPort and Lambda-Connection StarLight
(March 2001)

GigaPort Selects Global Crossing as Preferred Supplier for Global Internet Connectivity
(March 2001)

IBM Donates Small Cluster to KTH in Stockholm
(February 2001)

Irish Prime Minister Announces Dramatic Leap in Irish-US Research Connectivity
(December 2000)

FUNET to be Upgraded to 2.5 Gigabit Capacity
(November 2000)

NSF and MCI Agree to Three-Year No-Cost Extension of vBNS
(April 2000)

NORDUnet 2000
(February 2000)

Eurographics Workshop on Virtual Environments
(February 2000)

DFN Reveals Activities for Gigabit Research Network
(February 2000)

Netherlands Selects SGI for Teraflop Supercomputer Features & Commentary
(February 2000)

Successful "Simulation and Visualization on the Grid" conference at PDC in Stockholm
(December 1999)

Netherlands' SARA Shares Saranav Software to View 3D Datasets with CAVEŽ Users
(October 1999)

Euro-Link Consortium Connects to NSF Research Network through STAR TAP
(June 1999)

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