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STAR TAP℠ Engineering

Technical Information for Participating Networks
Network names, AS numbers, assigned VPI / VCIs and contact information

Network Operations Center
Please report service problems to the Global NOC

Router Information and Contacts
IP Addressing Plan
AS 10764 IPv4 BGP Transit Routing Policy
Mantra (Monitor and Analysis of Traffic in Multicast Routers)
Snapshots of the STAR TAP router’s multicast activities
Proxy (To submit ‘show’ commands to a STAR TAP router.)
Administrative: engineers @
Technical: engineers @
NOC: noc @
ph: +1.317.278.6630

Oregon Route Views Project
The University’s Route Views project is a tool for Internet operators to obtain real-time information about the global routing system from the perspectives of several different backbones and locations around the Internet. This service relies on the fact that participants provide their views in a collaborative spirit, to support one another in operational diagnosis and debugging of routing issues.

The 6TAP router is provided, managed and monitored by ESnet as an IPv6 community resource. Its purpose is to facilitate peering between multiple IPv6 networks at STAR TAP.

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